A French & Japanese Restaurant Nestled at the Heart of Armadale

When Function Fitouts were approached by our client at Bansho Armadale in Melbourne and Evady’s Architecture to tender for Project Management and Bespoke Shopfitting Construction we couldn’t be more excited.

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“Welcome to Bansho Armdale. A French & Japanese Bistrot Nestled at the Heart of Armadale.”

When Function Fitouts were approached by our client at Bansho Armadale in Melbourne and Evady’s Architecture to tender for Project Management and Bespoke Shopfitting Construction we couldn’t have been more excited. Already familiar with Evady’s exquisite design philosophies for creating brand identities for their clients, married with the promise of working on a high-end Japanese French crossover restaurant, we at Function Fitouts were confident in delivering the high expectations set by the studio and client.

In order to deliver these results, we spared no expense in our working budget to obtain the best materials available and engage prestigious specialist contractors to deliver on the standards set by our project team.

Let us take you on an adventure, where design meets function and blends with artistry, flavour and aroma.

“Experience a culinary journey that seamlessly blends the timeless elegance of French cuisine with the artful mastery of Japanese flavours.”

Working with a blank slate of a new tenancy, we commenced the project with our usual site setouts and rough-in of services to create the groundwork required for a seamless working experience for our trades. 

The elegant curved walls and ceilings called for various framing techniques, from metal framing and building sections of a wooden ‘wing’ to house the plaster for the curved ceiling which runs the entire length of the tenancy.

Other interior structural challenges included hoisting a floating ceiling detail above the front bar, to seamlessly connect to our custom bulkhead. Completely made from custom joinery, each bar was topped off with Signorino’s Verde Guatemala – “a natural stone in green marble with an otherworldly hue, as rich as the veining that complements it.”

To convey the luxury and elegance of this interior fit-out, the utilisation of unique, organic and interesting textures was placed high on the menu. For the benchtops, we opted for using Laminam’s Ossido – a large format porcelain natural surface, inspired by raw oxidized materials captured at a moment in time resulting in strong and rich colours – as described by our local supplier, Signorino. Not only sporting a beautiful look, the resistance to impact, stain and extreme conditions ensures longevity to this alluring material.

Continuing the journey of texture, we infused flavour into the wall and ceiling finishes by using a combination of pearlescent Duchess Satin Ambassador Stirling’s complex textured look, a serving of Yubi Azul gloss wall tiling and polished off with Casamance’s Dahlia – a wallpaper inspired by the ‘Queen of Summer’, muted shades of the summer’s end with notes of metallic sandy ink create a wonderful contrast throughout this paper covered with cheerful blooms.

To complement the theme of blossoms, a melding of Australian native flowers, such as Banksias and Grevilleas, flourished with eucalyptus and Blue Sugarbush merge in a harmony presented in an appropriate style reminiscent of Ikebana. Very aptly, tulips were presented at the front of the restaurant – as a symbol of three from its journey from Central Asia, through the Ottoman Empire to Western Europe perfectly reflects the fusion of Bansho’s cuisine and the unity of Design, Harmony and Function – all part of the ethos we carry at Function Fitouts.

“With passion for innovation and tradition, we have meticulously crafted a menu that marries the finest ingredients from both culinary worlds.”

A voyage of fine dining cannot be complete without comfort, and to achieve the graceful style and poise demanded by the setting, we created bespoke joinery throughout the venue. Both booths and banquette seating were luxuriously adorned with flowing brass railings and embellished with a luxurious textured amber leather finish. Single chairs were matched in the same material, all adeptly assembled locally by our talented upholsterer.

With all our projects, we aim to achieve high-end fit-outs by delivering professional project management and master craftsmanship, providing an experience aligned with the expectations of our esteemed client and accomplished designer. We would like to thank all those involved in bringing this creative vision to fruition as we continue to add massive value every step of the way.

To see more, visit our portofio page for Bansho Armadale.

“Matt and his team has been professional, quick to communicate and very open to discussions.

Would recommend if you need anything construction related done. From the moment you start looking at a property or renovation you should involve these guys first hand!” – Larry Xie, Owner, Bansho Dining

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