Bansho Armadale

Address: 960 High St, Armadale VIC 3143

Bansho Dining Armadale – Function Fitouts Collaboration with Evady’s Architecture

Function Fitouts collaborated with Evady’s Architecture to deliver the shopfitting for Bansho Armadale, a high-end French-Japanese bistro located in the heart of Armadale.

Given the design expertise of Evady’s and the unique fusion concept of the restaurant, our team focused on utilizing premium materials and engaging specialist contractors to meet the project’s requirements. The project commenced with the foundational service setup to ensure smooth operations for all involved trades.

We managed and overcame particularly challenging trade waste infrastructure installations and new mechanical exhaust systems with engineering re-designs during the process to achieve best practice and performance of these systems for the client over the long term operations of their investment.

Key features of the design included:

1. Curved Ceilings and Walls: Incorporating diverse framing techniques, such as metal framing and custom wood sections, to support the plasterwork for the ceiling spanning the entire tenancy length.

2. Floating Ceiling Detail: A challenging structural component, this feature was positioned above the front bar and connected seamlessly to a custom bulkhead.

3. Custom Joinery: Both the front and main bars showcased custom joinery, topped with Signorino Verde Guatemala, a vibrant green marble.

4. Textured Interiors: To elevate the ambiance, we used Signorino’s Laminam Ossido for the benchtops, combined Duchess Satin Ambassdor Stirling’s texture with Yubi Azul gloss wall tiling, and introduced Casamance Dahlia wallpaper.

5. Native Floral Decor: Reflecting the Ikebana style, the interior features a mix of Australian native flowers like Banksias and Grevilleas, enhanced with eucalyptus and Blue Sugarbush.

6. Bespoke Seating: The venue boasts custom joinery throughout, with booths and banquettes highlighted by brass railings and textured amber leather finish. Chairs, upholstered in matching material, were crafted locally.

Function Fitouts prioritises excellence in project management and craftsmanship for all ventures. Our collaboration with Bansho Armadale exemplifies this commitment, as we strived to meet the high standards set by the client and the designer. We extend our gratitude to all parties involved, as we consistently aim to add value at every project phase.