Planet Smoothie – National Rollout

Address: Southland Shopping Centre

Planet Smoothie has been serving amazing smoothies in the US since 1995, and now they’ve landed here in Melbourne. Function Fitouts have been trusted to deliver Planet Smoothie fit-outs across Melbourne. Our project management team has assisted with all aspects of our project, from design and shop drawings, contract tendering, shop fit-out, audio-visual supply for digital signage, and marketing liaison. We look forward to supporting Planet Smoothie with their shop maintenance and future projects.

From the first Melbourne store located in Southland Shopping Center, Function Fitouts are the first choice delivery partner to provide quality shopfitting for all Planet Smoothie stores both locally in Melbourne and Nationally.

At Function Fitouts, we are adding massive value to our involvement in the National Planet Smoothie Rollout and are exciting about our Design Awards Submission in the interior design category, with our design partners RPTecture. We have been awarded the Silver Award for our category.

The immersive and vibrant concept draws inspiration from the brand’s identity, seamlessly infusing the design to create a captivating experience for customers. With innovative features, the kiosk brings a fresh twist to the brand’s essence, reinforcing its presence through engaging and interactive elements.

Function Fitouts were engaged initially by the new Australian branch of Planet Smoothie, needing a partner to assist them in concept from an American store operating venue to a food and beverage focused kiosk tailored for the Australian market.

We were briefed to create modular kiosks, standardised for each location which differs from the American model of store based outlets. As standard operating model, our aim was to create kiosks as sustainable outlets using recycled materials and durable materials requiring less replacements over the lifetime of each outlet.

Our kiosks were designed to be modular, and consistent for each site using the same colours and design language of their American counterparts. As an industry first, Function Fitouts was granted approval for a 2.6m illuminated feature ring in accordance with landlord compliance.

Now we have set the standards and system for success this model is repeatable across their stores to reduce challenges and costs faced by major rollouts, and locations are chosen to fit the kiosks with only minor alterations required to the modular design to suit.

As a one stop shop, Function Fitouts have assisted with site selection, design, manufacturing, construction, project management, approval processes and Land Lord liaison.